amazingtoptens App ratings These 5 Simple APP REVIEWS & RATING Tricks Will Pump Up Your Sales Almost Instantly

These 5 Simple APP REVIEWS & RATING Tricks Will Pump Up Your Sales Almost Instantly

“There are a lot of directory sites online and a whole bunch of ‘buy android reviews‘ that have been built to help you get to  the nearest coffee shop or closest big box, but this app and the organization behind it helps me remember to support small businesses. It reminds me when I look at it on my phone to not just give in to the national brand but to seek out the small business that is truly supporting the cities that they serve.

Data in this app will continue to get better as businesses join the movement of #buylocal.  Tell your friends about the app. Let’s all pledge to try something new and review those well deserving small businesses.”

Moviequ is an absolutely amazing and innovative new app that anyone who enjoys going to the movies needs to download immediately. The app provides information and dates for upcoming movies and allows you to receive reminders concerning release dates and times and even see movie reviews and purchase tickets!  I don’t know how many times I’ve intended to get movie tickets for something I want to see and before I know it the movie is already done playing at the theaters. Never miss a movie again with Moviequ!

I absolutely love everything about this app!! Such a cool and innovative idea that solves one of the biggest problems I have as a movie goer. So impressed by such strong and quick matching capabilities, and I also love that I can search for movies and add them to my Qu manually. It’s also so helpful to be able to play trailers within the app, as well as purchase movie tickets and share with my network! Big thumbs up for this!!

“This app is amazing and very user friendly! I really like that the app tells you why it’s asking questions and shows you what to press and explains what it will do. Makes the app extremely easy to understand and use. Also like the look/clean design of the app.”

I particularly like moviequ because it taps into the popular market of making people’s lives easier and more efficient. Everyone watches trailers and thinks, “”I want to see that,”” but then forgets the title, release date, plot etc. but moviequ has managed to automate that process by telling you what the trailer is, putting it in your calendar, and giving you the option to buy tickets.

This app is fantastic! I don’t watch traditional TV so I never have a clue what movies are out. When I actually go see a movie and watch an interesting trailer, I promptly forget it the moment the actual movie starts. This app, with a very clean interface, allows me to track the movies I want to watch, know when they’ll be released, see the rating from rotten tomato, and purchase tickets all in one place. This app actually reminded me that a movie I wanted to watch will be released soon so I was able to grab advanced tickets for the release. It has become my one stop shop app for all my movie needs. Visit

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