amazingtoptens ASO 5 Ways You Can Get More APP STORE OPTIMISATION SERVICE While Spending Less

5 Ways You Can Get More APP STORE OPTIMISATION SERVICE While Spending Less

The absolute best support and best customer mapping program in the App Store. Believe me, I’ve tried them all and Map My Customers has it all. An essential tool to have with you when you’re on the road. Never get back to the office thinking “I was right next door to a prospect I wanted to talk to”. This app makes it easy to map your customer and prospect locations. A very well done app that actually works and does everything it says it will!!


“I’ve used this app extensively this past year, taking trips from Central Illinois out to Utah and then all over Colorado, throughout the Midwest, and recently two trips to the Smoky Mountains and North Carolina. I’ve found it to be very accurate in terms of plotting a solid route and giving time estimates. 

It is a complex piece of software aso strategy services, and the old adage holds true – garbage in, garbage out. 

Can the UI be improved? Sure. Can it give warnings if a user puts in conflicting information? Of course. But, we are driving complex vehicles loaded with technology. This software app tries to integrate all of that into an app that won’t leave you stranded on the side of the road. 

This is a solid app that will get you where you want to go – as long as you take the time to learn how to use it.”

“This thing is the most amazing app I’ve ever seen.  Allows you to optimize your charging stops for a road trip.  While this seems like it may be unnecessary given the on board route planner I can tell you this works much better.  The onboard system tries to minimize stops (an option in this software) so it will make you drive as far as you can, then have a nice long charge stop.  This software allows you several options, including min charging time.  Thus, you can take more frequent shorter charging stops and minimize your driving time.  Takes into account temperature, winds, elevation changes, etc to produce a very accurate consumption rate.  I’m amazed every time how close it gets to the real rate.  App allows you to send your route, all stops, to your onboard nav, via calendar entries.  I love this thing.

And quick update, my wife drove our model X on a 90 mile road trip to the neighboring town.  This software predicted the energy usage to within 1% of actual.  (Ended up having 1% more).”

“The people complaining about the app are crazy, it works great. I’ve had my Ooler since July and the app has worked perfectly since day one. Never noticed a bug, it always connects. I just started using the schedules which are wonderful. No problems whatsoever. And as for the Ooler itself, wow! I’ve never slept so well. I do wish there was a watch app so I could adjust the temp without having to use my phone.” Overall, best in class”

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