amazingtoptens ASO Two lesser known and most important facts on ASO

Two lesser known and most important facts on ASO

Professional App store optimization agency has been helping many apps in different app stores platforms to outperform the competition and set their presence strong.

Here we discuss 2 less known and most important fact on ASO
by classifying it into 2 things

One before diving into the app store and one after.

Before diving into the app store –

It’s User experience –

Focus on user experience, that is the making and breaking point of your app. Nothing can beat the best user experience in the competition.

The best user experience makes users spend more time in your app.

If you give the best user experience, you have all possibility to rank higher, more visible in the search result because of joint efforts of inside experience of the app store optimization agency strategies.

More than 60% of the new app search is directly from the keyword search, so apps move fast in word of mouth. Make sure you give them the best user experience so that they not only love your app but also love to give a positive review, positive rating and also recommend it for many more in their community.

If more new searches are directed to your app in a specific category, you are most probably to rank in the top 5 search results.

If you are not giving them the best experience, they are not gonna recommend it, rating and reviews turn negative and you will witness more uninstalls, this even alters app store algorithms but in a different manner.

After diving into app store –

It’s Rating and Reviews

Most of the users check app ratings and reviews from other users before downloading it.

We even lookout for products reviews before purchasing, check movies rating before watching it, ask various questions about it on Quora to get to know others’ perspectives and search videos on youtube relating to it to know more pros and cons about it.

The same goes for apps in the app store. Users tend to see ratings and read reviews about the app before downloading it because there are 100 other apps in the same category and the user must feel confident about downloading your app.

Algorithms will look for keywords which are repeatedly used by many users in the reviews section, if most of them are positive then it will interpret that your app is most user-friendly and user-optimised for to be one of the best in relevant category keywords search. Hence it will be most recommended in search results.

Your app name, icon, description, video preview, screenshots, installs, ratings and reviews must make them feel that your app is best out of all others in that specified category.

It might look simple but it takes a lot of effort to do so and that’s where the app store optimization agency expertise and guidance comes in need of.

Having good ratings and getting good reviews are very important for ranking in the top of search results.


In real-world testing, we always look for updated things, it might be a smartphone or a piece of information, the latest always ranks in the top position.

To summarize, User experience and rating & reviews are one to be looked out for.

ASO agencies understand the app store better than any other. So if you are thinking of optimizing your app for better performance in multiple app stores, do connect with us. Let’s make something special for someone who is looking for something special.

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