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Top ten PS2 games

At turn of century, PlayStation 2 was actually the gaming console to own. Not only it dominates among other competitors at the start but it continued to be a victorious moneymaker for Sony till its manufacturing was closed in 2012. But PS2 was not solely successful because of an upgraded piece of hardware and software but the system actually had some of the most memorable and outstanding games whichever exists. With unbelievable console exclusives, games actually sporting some of the best visuals of their technology time, and a library that was actually built over a decade, there’re a whole lot of astonishing titles to think when putting together the top ten PS2 games list. Below mentioned is made with the complete and utmost care and after proper online searching and feedbacks.

10. Beyond Good & Evil

Although some people tried it, Beyond Good & Evil game is as striving as a game should be treasured by each gamer, even if some ambitions fell short. The playstyle of this game was similar to the Zelda series & the story actually followed Jade on her hunt for answers in the fog of war. It deals with themes that were particularly timely in paranoid, like post 9/11 world, as Jade was actually a photojournalist for underground network countering huge propaganda machine of occupiers of her planet who, it turned out, were actually secretly in the league along with their imaginary enemies. Though it obtains a tad expected by the end, Beyond Good and Evil E put a spotlight on the imagination that very few AAA games had before it, and gameplay backed it up approximately all way. Even if its reach somewhat exceeded its grasp, this game is proved that themes could be tackled by games, even if it is not always popular.

9. Kingdom Hearts II

Kingdom Hearts is actually a series that really should not have worked. Mixing Final Fantasy’s melodramatic world with Disney’s cheery family fun should actually have been a total fail. Instead, it actually ended up as one of the most successful novel franchises of the PS2 era, and action RPG gameplay of KH2 still holds up, especially in PS2 sequel. KH2 resumed a search of Sora for his friends & like always Sora is assisted by Disney stars like Goofy and Donald. Sora explores worlds new and old, together with some based on Steamboat TRON and Willy. Meanwhile, combat was actually enriched by additions of double Key blades, Drive Gauge, and much-improved segments for Gummi Ship. Even when the plot makes a small sense, the gameplay of KH2 kept us pleased until the story stopped being puzzling.

8. Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition

Roaring back from the disappointing sequel that actually was DMC 2, DMC3 offers fans a wilder, younger, more Dante’s shirtless version, who could utilize numerous fighting styles & clobber enemies with help of the deadly guitar. As well to its top combat besting DMC2′s in numerous ways, it also explored the connection between Dante half-demon & his better-dressed but less good-natured brother, Vergil, since they battled over fate of gruesome Temen-ni-gru tower. It was too crazy challenging, to point that its inflexible difficulty, ratcheted up for US version, was actually the primary criticisms leveled against this game. But fact that so numerous powered through that complexity was evidence to show how amazing it actually was.

7. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

Prince of Persia till 2003 was actually a name hardly remembered by several gamers, and after an awkward try at relevance that was POP 3D, it seemed series was actually truly dead. But when the creator of the POP franchise, Jordan Mechner, returned to series with Ubisoft Montreal’s expert development team, the Prince became famous again. With hard-working of UBI, POP not only come in the market again but The Sands of Time episode helped UBI to claim long lost place of POP in the market with breathtaking graphics, animation, fighting style and story. Starting with exploration-based platform gameplay which actually was made renowned by series of Tomb Raider, PoP took it to a novel level of complexity, as exact, sharp controls like running though walls come down the help of the curtain and so on. Even if you actually were tripped up by the 3D camera, you can easily go back 20 seconds or so in time and try once again. This really softened the blow of trial & error inherent in the genre, and it reserved you hooked, stick around to clear only one more room and couples of challenging that lay within. The complete trilogy was violent, beautiful and sometimes heart-wrenching saga, but Prince of Persia has actually never climbed this high.

6. Silent Hill 2

Nearly ten years and a handful of sequels afterward, Silent Hill 2 or SH 2 is still effortlessly best in the series of Silent Hill saga. It has almost everything you can ask for in horror games which actually based on psychology. It is a remorselessly suspenseful atmosphere, disturbingly grotesque imagery and enemies, and nuanced and mature story that actually surpasses 98 % of horror/suspense movies of Hollywood. It somehow manages to deliver all scares of the horror genre while maintaining intelligent & often subtle themes about personal guilt, love, and misogyny. Not numerous games have actually touched on as several taboo topics as SH 2. SH 2 also introduced us to iconic Pyramid Head, who is actually like Michael Myers times 10 with massive medieval device for torture forever welded to his head. Pyramid Head is a manifestation of the protagonist’s subconscious of James Sunderland, but that actually only makes it much creepier that seemingly normal guy on the surface can actually create something so terrible.

5. Ico

Ico is a weirdly haunting game that actually can provoke strong emotions in that person who plays it. There is fear, of course, it is hard not to get small creped out by smoky phantoms that every so often crawls out from shadows to threaten you but Ico was too one of the very first games to trigger instinct of protection in its players. Numerous have strong memories of working with a frail girl named Yorda to run away from the sprawling temple. Ico is not on the top ten ps2 games list just because it is emotional or unusual though, it was also an enormously rewarding game. Every twist of crumbling of the temple, alien architecture actually offered novel opportunities to trial and new ways to riddle out how, precisely, you can help Yorda, who actually was nowhere near as supple as Ico–get clear of present obstacle before smoke-monsters comes up to take her away.

4. Okami

In spite of the fact that everybody agrees that The Legend of Zelda is actually one of the best franchises of all time, astonishingly few games have tried to copy it with any achievement. And it is even more uncommon when that identical imitator is as fine as originator, but that is actually what happened with Okami “too beautiful to live”. Set in feudal Japan along with cel-shaded art formed in broad strokes, Okami tells the tale of Amaterasu reaching Earth to save it from the rebirth of wicked ancient enemies.

3. Resident Evil 4

At any time EE 4 comes up in the list, the focus is always on the process of revitalization of series with help of its lack of true zombies, the novelty of its over-the-shoulder cam, and more n more. Focus on the really important part: The game was actually just fun to play. Its manual mechanic for aiming (with laser-pointer reticle) made killing angry villagers in the face so much more pleasing than combat in earlier versions of Resident Evil.

2. Final Fantasy X

Final Fantasy X actually stands out not just because it was very first Final Fantasy of PS2 (and graphics of FF X still hold up to analysis today), but as it continued FF tradition of joining together equal parts reinvention & tradition in a way that almost all fans of series actually adored. The game had its own share of slight missteps which seem approximately endearing today (Tidus and Wakka are liked by nobody, not to talk about Blitzball), but its seamless blend of old and new still feel magical.

1. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Vice City manages to be stellar regardless of just tacking on some significant changes to GTA III, but GTA: San Andreas widen Grand Theft Autofocus like no game in series. You did not just have the city to explore but actually you had a complete state, complete along with little towns & long, typically empty stretches of wilderness that were common with interesting geography to ride over. You were not just some Mafia errand boy but you were CJ Carl Johnson, a full character with a personality, a family and need to eat and exercise. More than only a crime game, this actually was a full fantasy-criminal simulator that started with petty territory wars on streets of Los Santos & eventually reached bizarre heights of jetpack’s stealing from an Area 51 stand-in on orders of a CIA drug. GTA has not done something quite this determined since; in fact, it is hard to believe in any other game that has.

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