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The complete A/B testing Guide for app optimisation

One of the strategies of the best app store optimization services is A/B testing.

Not even the designer or copywriter knows which app icon will perform better in the app store platform. So the real solution is testing it in real-time, that is A/B testing. A/B testing provides precise data and analytics on the performance of two different variations of your app icon. It’s one of the most used tools to optimize the performance for more conversion in the app store platform.

A/B also known as split testing

Testing two variations of the same variable to find the best which has the potential for maximum conversion.

  • Go to Google Play console where all your applications will be
  • Select the app which you want for a/b testing
  • Then go to store presence and then click on store listing experiments
  • then you get to choose between two experiment types global which is graphic only and localized which is text and graphics

In the global (graphic only) you can experiment with your app icon, screenshots, and video previous the visual aspects. In a localized experiment, you can test your app description and the graphic asset in the specific language for a particular demography. 

For eg., running localized experiments In french for France.

In global testing, you can name your experiment and select one of the attributes for testing.

For example, you can test app icons or feature graphics or screenshot or preview video.

  • Once you select to test the app icon, in the Google Play console it shows the app icon which you are currently using on the app page. 
  • Then below in the new app icon section, we have to upload a new app icon that you want to test with the older version.
  • Then click on run experiment
  • On the next page, it shows – we need more data to complete your experiment please check back soon – that means it’s taking time to find out all the statistics on your experiments while comparing between two variants of the app icon for your app in real-time.
  • And in the below section there is a variant, where if the current version of app Icon is performing better you can go for the option keep or if the new app icon variant is performing better than the current version and is resulting for more conversion you can just click on apply

That’s the process, yet two important things the Best app store optimization services want you to note down –

  • You need to develop an app icon, better than the previous by analyzing various visual factors.
  • It’s a time-consuming process, you have to allow google play console to run the test, analyze and get the data so you can decide the best variable for your app icon.

There are some of the best app store optimization services like nextaso, which takes care of all A/B testing factors starting from optimising your app by analyzing current trends to future competition. 

Conclusion :

App store optimization (ASO) on Google Play should be done regularly and it should be a part of your long time plan.

When you are focusing to tap into a wider audience and achieve maximum conversion it’s always a long time to focus on. To achieve this you have to be the best amongst the millions of apps present in the app store.

How do we do it? 

The answer is app Store optimization and the best way is by finding one of the best App Store optimisation services.


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