amazingtoptens App ratings Does buying app reviews make app rank higher?

Does buying app reviews make app rank higher?

App development may be a very tiring task. A developer has got to spend months on deciding the planning , layout and functions of the app. It takes an incredible amount of diligence and dedication to make an app. But the work isn’t done yet. The app store has many apps which compete with each other for reaching the highest of the app chart and to urge maximum downloads. However unique your app could be , there are chances that there are many other apps that are offering an equivalent features as your app and if not, then there’ll be few in weeks or months.

In such a fierce place, you would like to remain before your competitors if you would like to maximise your profit. a method of attracting audience is by advertising your product. this is often an important step without which you would possibly not get the audience you would like . Advertising is a crucial aspect then are app reviews and ratings.
In this article, we’ll see if buying app reviews can cause you to ran better. But first, allow us to mention their importance.



Why are they important?
Android app reviews are a measure of your app’s quality. When people search for an app, they see the app rating then read user reviews. App reviews and ratings also indicate your app’s position within the app chart. The apps occupying top place within the chart have good app reviews also as app ratings. This increases their visibility and hence the app downloads gets increased. In simple words, the higher the app rating, the more visibility you get, the more downloads your app can make. Reviews plays yet one more important role. Before using an app, people undergo the user ratings. this will be seen as a trust making process. If the user reviews are good, people will certainly try your app and this will also cause better app conversions.

Why buying app reviews are important?
Simply stating the facts, nobody wants to write down long reviews and rate your app unless you ask them to. And in many cases, this also gets difficult. The importance of app reviews and ratings are already stated and it’s clear that they play a crucial role in your path to success. In such a scenario, it’s ideal to shop for app reviews and ratings.

How to buy Android Reviews?
There are some ways by which you’ll buy app ratings and user reviews for your app. Below is that the list of few methods that you simply can use for the aim .

Freelancers: By hiring freelancers, you’ll ask them to write down good user reviews and provides ratings for your app and you’ll even ask them to download your app. There are variety of freelancers hiring websites where you’ll post your ad and obtain your work done.
App Review websites: tons of app review websites provide with an choice to buy app reviews and ratings. These websites have an outsized number of active users who are paid to write down well customised reviews for your app and also give good ratings. the simplest part is that each review is organic and there’s no chance of your app being marked by Google.
Marketing Firms: Many marketing agencies provide packages of app review and ratings. they need plans counting on your requirement of ratings. Once you decide on a package, these firms ask their support staff to write down user ratings and also provide ratings to your app.
App Support websites: There are few websites which take care of your marketing needs and also allows you to shop for user ratings and reviews at considerable prices.
Buying app ratings and reviews is a simple task but some care should tend . Make sure, whatever source you employ , down not use bots for providing ratings. Google features a strict rule with the utilization of bots and if found, your app are going to be marked and may even be faraway from the play store.
Having discussed of these , it’s only fair to mention that purchasing reviews can assist you to form your app’s rank higher within the Play Store.

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