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Top Ten Colleges in the United States

Top Ten Colleges in the United States

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Do college rankings really a matter of debate? It’s worth paying attention to the fact that students need to complete their 4 years of education in the colleges, therefore one must make sure that the selection of college should be well enough. Students all over the United States wants to get enrolled in any of the below mention top colleges to get their desired course of studies completed. Here is the list of top ten colleges in the US.

Top Ten Colleges in the United States


1.       Stanford University


Stanford University was founded in 1885 and it is the No. 1 School.  The politician named Leland Stanford who has visited Harvard University as well as MIT to unearth that how to replica the Ivy League in California too. Stanford is situated in Palo Alto; Stanford is largely accountable for developing the county that would turn out to be recognized as Silicon Valley, the heart of the world’s highest tech corporation along with supreme innovators. Further than that, Stanford houses attract scholars from around the world by the Revolution and Peace, Hoover Institution on War, a main public policy think tank. The Stanford University is habitat for largest stem cell research facility to the entire worlds, as well as a totally new college grounds for the business school.


2.   Pomona College


Pomona College is located in Claremont, California. Pomona College is a private liberal arts college. It was established in 1887 in addition to have roughly 1,500 undergraduate students enrolled. Pomona is also considered as one of the founding members of the Claremont Colleges, a group of 7 self-governing institutions everyone on neighboring campuses. Students are able to choose from over 600 classes at Pomona in addition a total of 2,500 all the way through the Claremont Colleges. Former New York Times Executive Editor Bill Keller Roy E. Disney was a graduate from there. Ski-beach day is an only one of its kind tradition: students use up the crack of dawn skiing by the side of Mountain High resort, it is an hour away from the campus, furthermore they may calm down in the afternoon resting on Newport Beach.


3. Princeton University


Princeton University is regarded as the 4th oldest college in the state. Princeton University was chartered in 1746. In 1783, it becomes the capital of the U.S. for just about 5 months when the Continental Congress got together at Nassau Hall in Princeton. Round about 5,200 undergraduate students plus 2,600 or more graduate students are studying in Princeton University. Its remarkable thing to point out here is that more than 8,000 students are representing more than 98 countries, and these students are from Princeton University. The university is located in on 500 acres as well as has 180 buildings. Apart from it you must know that around 98% of undergraduate students reside on the campus. Moreover it is stated that more than 750,000 people trip the campus yearly in addition to the university generates round about $2 billion in certain economic activity.


4.  Yale University


Yale University is the 3rd oldest higher education establishment in the U.S that was founded in year 1701. It encompass of three most important academic parts: first- Yale College, second- the undergraduate school, third- the Yale Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. As well as it has 13 professional schools. Yale’s student maintenance rate is 99% that is quite high and impressive. You will be surprised to know that almost 5 of the U.S. Presidents were Yalies, including both Bush’s. Furthermore, 19% of Yale’s student body representing as international students from 90 countries. In addition to this great fact the school also offers a host of international prospect to its students.


5.  Columbia University


Columbia University was founded in 1754 like King’s College. Columbia University is the oldest institute of higher education in New York state as well as the fifth oldest in the nation. The undergraduate schools had 8,274 students registered in year 2012 for Columbia College, Engineering or else General Studies. Columbia University’s total strength was stated 28,824. Columbia’s Nevis Laboratories is the hub for high-energy experimentation that was established in 1947 plus it is a terrestrial observations. Professor Jeffrey Sachs is head of the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory that is located in Palisades, New York as well as is it is considered as the leading research unit of the Earth Institute. In addition, Columbia University alumni- faculty researchers as well as administrators have won 82 Nobel Prizes since 1901. President Barack Obama presented the award in 2009 while the other was presented by former President Theodore Roosevelt in 1906.


6.  Swarthmore College



Swarthmore College is located in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania. It is a 4-year private liberal arts college. It was established in 1864 that is coeducational. The college has enrolled approximately 1,500 undergraduate students. As far as the data is concerned about 83% of students and graduate candidates join the medical school; while round about 20% of the graduates are able to complete a doctoral program, which is the 3rd highest in the state. The college as well competes in NCAA Division III athletics moreover its sports teams are known as the Garnets. The students can as well take courses for credit at the University of Pennsylvania that is about 20 minutes away from the campus. Currently the president of the college is Rebecca Chopp.


7. United States Military Academy

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The United States Military Academy was established in 1802. The academy is a 4-year coeducational and public liberal arts college situated in West Point, New York. Candidates are required to have a recommendation from a member of Congress. Furthermore, once got enrolled in the college they have the opportunity to decide from 45 majors. At the end of their 4th year, students get a commission in the United States Army as a 2nd Lieutenant. This is one of the best military colleges in the United States.


8.    Harvard University


Harvard University is the 1st higher institution of education established in the United States. It was founded in 1636. The university also celebrated its 375th anniversary throughout a year-long celebration. It was featuring lectures, symposia, a range of academic events, that exhibits from 2011-2012. Harvard is looking toward the bright future as well. Harvard invests a handsome amount of money in financial aids per year, which is estimated to be more than $160 million and increases every years. Do not be surprised to know that Harvard’s faculty as well as Harvard alumni have earned more than 45 Nobel Prizes.


9.   Williams College


On the FORBES list Williams College ranked No. 2 last year and No. 1 in 2011. It was established in year 1793. To date Williams College has enrolled round about 2,000 students. It is co-educational now as before it was considered as a men’s college. It offers graduate programs to students in different majors such as history of art as well as economic policy. The school has a 4-1-4 annual schedule that it follows. In 2013, because of the economy’s bang on its finances, Williams has abolished its no-loan student aid program. Williams College Museum of art is a famous place on campus. It is the home to more than 13,000 artworks, as well as work by Sol LeWitt, Edward Hopper, and Louise Bourgeois.


10.  Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Massachusetts Institute of Technology is one of the most well known technological institutions in the United States. MIT was founded in 1861. The community of MIT’s comprises of 53 National Medal of Science winners and 41 MacArthur Fellows. It also has 78 Nobel Laureates in addition to 27 National Medal of Technology and Innovation winners. MIT offers its graduates to decide on from the 46 majors and 49 minor programs. There were approximately 4,380 undergraduates (45% women). The MIT also has 6,686 graduate students (20% female) in academic year 2012-13.

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